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About Ulubulu

A note from Danielle Riiber, co-founder:

ULUBULU started in 2005 with a company called Personalized Pacifiers™. It became very popular very quickly with a memorable gift to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s first baby. They were gifted the world’s most expensive pacifier at $17,000.00. It included 3+ carats of diamonds and was made of 18 carat white gold. Personalized Pacifiers have been televised on over 100 TV shows to date and featured in every baby magazine and selling in over 1000 stores throughout the US.

This popularity has been the building blocks for us (Mathis and Danielle Riiber) to branch out into development of other baby products in addition to pacifiers.  2010 saw the launch of a new era for Personalized Pacifiers and a new image to coincide.  ULUBULU was born featuring a line of Silicone Baby Bibs, PERSONALIZED BOTTLE BANDS™, and PERSONALIZED PACIFIER CLIPS™.

Designed with safety, function, style and affordability in mind ULUBULU is becoming a major player in the baby products industry.  All of our products are tested for safety to give parents peace of mind and we only make products our own children would use.

Speaking of children, we have two, and we love to share them and their stories with others. We built our company on Personalized products and feel it’s through personalization that we strive to be different. Our youngest son Diesel turned 1 April 2nd 2010 and is the baby you see on the HOME page. Diesel was born 2 weeks early; he spent 3 days in NICU for breathing problems so we have been very protective of him since the day he arrived. He loves puppies and balloons and hates garbage trucks or when his balloon pops. Our oldest son Theis turned 6 years old on May 27th 2010 and is as smart as a whip! He rides dirt bikes and races go-karts but hates salads and sleeping alone.


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